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14.2 Finescale comments By Nigel Brown

One thing to watch is that different locos have different limits. If you've got some locos which you intend to use on the layout I'd suggest sticking a bit of the track (I find an 18" length enough) down at the minimum radius you're thinking off and seeing how it goes.

I used a pannier. I've since tried some others. The results on the 25.6" radius plain track are:-

8750 0-6-0T pannier (what I tried before) fine

57xx 0-6-0T pannier (this has one axle slightly over gauge) fine, if tighter, goes better one way (the over gauge axle may also be slightly misaligned)

42xx 2-8-0T goes round the curve, but jerkily, obviously too tight. Also, the couplings on the ends are too far out to engage properly, because of the locomotive length.

58XX 0-4-2T goes round the curve, but rather tight.

517 0-4-2T as the 58XX (this currently has other problems, mainly pickup reliability)

2151 0-6-0 Collett goods goes round the curve but tight (loco and tender). Also tender rammed up against loco; gap would need to be larger

78xx 4-6-0 Manor not a chance

On the 32" radius track with a Y point, all were OK on the plain bit, except the odd pony wheel shorting on the Manor (known problem, waiting to be fixed). On the Y point:-

8750 fine

57XX bit bumpy due to overgauge axle but basically OK

42XX problem with pony truck if leading from toe of point

58XX similar problem with rear truck

517 as above

2151 OK

Manor OK apart from occasional shorts

So basically I'd say that a pannier or similar 0-6-0T is OK on this sharp stuff but a lot of others would have problems.




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