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Delux Range

Cat No Price Description Photo
GDL15A £4.65 Delux Rocket Cynoacrylate Hot 20gr
 Rocket Hot
GDL15B £4.65 Delux Rocket Cynoacrylate Rapid 20gm
 rocket rapid
GDL15C £4.65 Delux Rocket Cynoacrylate Max 20gm
 rocket max
GDL15D £6.75 Delux Rocket Cynoacrylate odourless 20gm
 rocket odourlesss
GDL16 £19.95 Delux 2 part solid water 350ml
GDL19A £11.95 Scenic Water 250ML
GCL21   Superphatic glue for card and wood
GDL24 £4.25 Plastic Magic Solvent
GDL26 £13.95 Scenic Rust
scenic rust 
GDL32 £5.50 Glue N Glaze
glue and glaze 
GDL38 £9.35 Liquid Gravity 240g
liquid gravity 
GDL49 £3.80 Tacky Wax
GDL61 £6.95

View Glue Special adhesive developed for bonding model railway and diorama landscape back scene papers in place. This unique adhesive allows papers to be slithered into position and finely adjusted before drying without creases or wrinkles. Unlike other glues “View Glue” can be used on wood, painted surfaces, plasterboard and even plastic surfaces. 225ml pack will covers 20 sqm

GDLPF £9.99

Deluxe Pinflow applicator for Plastic Magic and other liquid plastic solvent glues such as MekPak







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